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Photographer Dan Borris was walking down the street one day with a friend when she suggested that he photograph her doing yoga while her dog ran around making her crazy. Inspiration struck! Why bother with humans? Dogs should do yoga! It was in that moment that Yoga Dogs was born. With the help of Dan’s wife Alejandra, years of research followed. Thousands of canine auditions. Hours of training. Practice, practice, practice (hey, it’s yoga). Finally the first Yoga Dog was ready to be photographed and she was their own dog Mela, a natural born yogini. Many dogs followed. Later, when the dogs went to the cats, again it was their own cat, Snoosh who stepped up his game with an amazing Adho Mukha Vrksasana pose. Then along came Yoga Puppies and Yoga Kittens and the rest is history.

Yoga Dogs is commited to animal welfare. It’s an essential part of our mission. Many of our amazing dogs & cats and most of our puppies & kittens come from shelters. We work with these shelters by donating money and calendars for fundraising. We will continue to support animal welfare organizations with a portion of our profits and publicizing their efforts.

© 2015 Yoga Dogs® / Dan Borris

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